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The return of patrimonial capitalism

Happy birthday, Charlie Peters

West Side Story is about Los Angeles

Biden is taking on the kleptocrat lobby

The GOP's secret fondness for inflation, how Hertz muddies the difference between success and failure, and a bad law that lets Republicans cancel regulations more easily than Democrats.

Oil Prices Are Falling. I Still Want To Bust OPEC.

Don't ask me to take the Jan. 6 insurrectionists seriously

Correction on our previous post

What to think about Steve Bannon's indictment

Jimmy Carter, Reconsidered

This Is Your Mind on Standard Time

How Four-Year Colleges Shafted Community Colleges, Why Harry F. Byrd Needs To Be Stuffed Back Into His Grave, Plus What's Wrong With "Ideas"

Your Taxes Are Too Low

Executive privilege is a made-up thing

Substack Farewell

The Lesson of the Master

The Powell Memo Turns 50

Bernard Shaw on inequality

Best and worst of America, circa 1947

Beware unemployed gerontocrats

The Supreme Court v. Cesar Chavez

Mediocre Man

That time I ran for Congress

The Rise of the Crap Job Economy

What’s Missing From the Senate R&D Bill

Does the Biden administration anticipate strong economic growth, or weak economic growth?

Whatever happened to Sammy Glick?

How the Black Death raised wages

"The Family of Man" Revisited

Memento Marian

Your taxes are too low

Republicans v. conservatives

Trump to Trump Voters: Drop Dead

Return to Wicomico

A capital-gains hike is good Reganomics

The secret credit card that’s only for the rich

Walter Mondale, Martin Buber, and the 1984 convention

Biden dithers on protecting workers from Covid

Philip Roth meets Roger Corman

How Amazon fleeced Ohio

Is the GOP the new Columbia House record club?

Psst. There is no infrastructure crisis.


The nation's capital can't vaccinate its residents, part two

The U.S. is the new Switzerland

Betsy and Zeke

The divine right of wingnuts

The nation's capital can't vaccinate its residents

States' rights for brats

Taxing rich people really works

Why do we say "P.U." when something stinks?

Aid to corporations with dependent workers

Queen Elizabeth II, union-buster

Is organized labor coming back?

Vax bragging

Dear Senate parliamentarian

The Bozell Imprisonment

What I Didn’t Learn at Police Academy

The Democrats blew it on witnesses

Can we please restore the weekly unemployment add-on to the full goddamned $600?

How a $15 wage minimum would shrink capital's share of the pie

"Nothing great but his crimes"

Equal opportunity isn't enough

Trump's Lenny Bruce defense

The only unity that matters on Covid stimulus is the partisan kind

Washington, D.C. 90210

Why Republicans should make future minimum wage hikes automatic

Look who else doesn't like vote by mail

Government is not the problem

Can Trump's pardons be reversed?

Washington, D.C. 90210

A Death in the Family

Trump voters are bailing

Forget the $2000 checks and help unemployed people instead

Remove Trump

If columnists don't make predictions at the start of the year they won't have to apologize for being wrong at the end

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