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Your complete prognostication is a fair anticipation of how things will unfold on May 9 if nothing substantive changes between now and then, and your hypothetical speech by President Biden is a fine response in the first degree.

Here is a preliminary suggestion and two questions for what might ensue:

1) Though neither side would likely agree to having the meeting streamed live, it should be recorded with video so that neither side can "disinterpret" the discussion. I still remember the 400 billion dollar "demand" per Speaker Boehner in 2011 that was eventually debunked (see https://newrepublic.com/article/92664/republican-debunks-myth-400-billion-tax-demand).

2) Is it correct that POTUS cannot "simply" ask SCOTUS to make an urgent determination regarding the constitutionality of the Debt Limit in the context of the 14th Amendment because the Supreme Court is esssentially the ultimate court of appeals for decisions already expressed in a lower court?

3) If SCOTUS were to determine the Debt Limit was inherently unconstitutional, or if POTUS wrote an EO to ignore it based upon that presumption if it were still under consideration, would the Treasury need to do anything other than offer a bond issue to cover the debt sufficiently?

Needless to say - though everyone keeps saying it - McCarthy and his conference are playing with fire that might burn them politically but that could scar us all as well.

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The Pubs aren't afraid of Joe. They're not even listening. Your hypothetical McCarthy response is only one of many or none at all. I would be very happy if he gave that speech.

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