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Sep 15, 2023·edited Sep 15, 2023

So. The UAW cleaned up its act and now has a leader with balls. Good for them. I spent 3+ decades as a UAW member and hourly GM employee and was around for the concessionary contracts in the 80s when management's strategy for competing with the Japanese (We'll throw them back into the sea) had the company standing flatfooted in a corner getting its brains beat out, their competitive strategy indicating how little grey matter was actually there to beat on.

Was there for another 20 years and never got made whole on those, either.

We had a common saying in the shop: You can take everything GM ever *gave* you and stick it in your eye and not even blink. It was all fought for by the union and then earned by the workers. Corporate largesse at the big 3 has never extended below the top ranks of management. And them pleading poverty in both good years and bad is just how they play the game.

It's heartening to see that Fain's got a pair. Busting up the Billionaire Economy. I like it.

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